TTT| Ten Characters Everyone Loves But I Just Don’t Get

Every Tuesday, The Broke and the Bookish host a Top Ten Tuesday prompt. This week is all about characters, loved and hated. I always find the idea of thinking of ten things daunting, so I’ll keep it to a Top Five. These are in no particular order.

• Alice from Alice in Wonderland

I read this book in high school because the movie was coming out and it’s considered a classic. I wanted to start reading more classics. There had to be a reason they were still so popular generations later, right? I really just hated Alice. I know she’s supposed to be very young in the book, but I found myself wanting to shake her and scream, “Stop being such an asshole!” In fact, I couldn’t tell you anything else about the story because my disdain for Alice clouded any part of it I may have liked. I know that the writing from that era to this has lost some of its meaning and inflection, but damn. Damn you, Alice!


• Superman


Look at that face. What a douche. I’m kidding! Kind of. Here’s my problem with Superman: He’s too perfect. He is the definition of a Mary/Gary Sue. “I’m super handsome, super smart, literally the strongest creature in the universe and the only thing that can stop me is a rock.” Piss off.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve seen some posts from some of the more recent comics that give him a little bit of “stink” and I like that. I like my characters to be raw, for them to have emotions and weaknesses. It adds to the story. They say you should always put your character through some horrible shit, but when you can fly so fast that you spin the earth backwards to bring back the dead… What else is there to do?

• Cinder from Cinder
Cinder_book_coverI don’t dislike Cinder. She just didn’t stand out to me as a memorable character. While reading Cinder, I was reminded of Bella Swan from Twilight. I expected Cinder to be a kind of no-nonsense, calloused character because of what she’s been put through. Instead, I got a lovesick teenager. I can’t complain too much – it is a YA novel, and focuses on the feelings of a young adult. I guess I feel like I wasted my time reading this book. So many people love this book, and I wish I had enjoyed it nearly as much as they had.



• Anastasia/Christian Grey from 50 Shades Series
This picture alone should be enough to make people never want to read this series or watch these movies. Ana is a manic pixie girl, but less cute and more annoying. I feel like she’d be that roommate who constantly breaks your stuff but then does this, “Oh my god I am so so sooooo sorry,” while she fake-cries and then three days later does the same shit. She’s uncomfortable with 90% of Christian’s craziness but is too weak to say, “Listen bro, stop forcing these gifts (and your dick) onto me. Go away.”
As for Rapist I mean Christian? No. Absolutely not. I’ve taken peeks at Grey and I swear to the gods above, the man is schizophrenic with his penis. Who has conversations with their genitals like this?! Go away, scary man.


• Severus Snape from Harry Potter
tumblr_li8zvp2h3U1qavo3co1_500Please, hold all judgments until the end! I used to love Snape. I was all aboard the Snape/Lily train. I had a necklace that said, “Always.” It’s just… The more I thought about what he did, how he treated Harry, the actions he took in life, I just started to dislike him.

He says he loves Lily, and yet when her son comes to Hogwarts, Snape makes sure to be overly cruel to this 11-year-old orphan, as if he isn’t abused enough at home. Yeah, Harry looks like his dad and reminds Snape of James, but he’s a child. There is no reason he should be held accountable for any of his father’s actions. When faced with a similar situation (having the option to exclude Luna and bully her the way James did Severus), Harry doesn’t. Harry isn’t like his father in that he’s been abused, been the outcast, and has the compassion to welcome others who may feel like they don’t belong.

Yes, Snape did a lot of things to keep Harry safe, but he was also extremely abusive to him. I also feel that Harry really snubbed a great person in his life by naming his eldest son after Severus – Hagrid. Hagrid, the half-giant who was expelled from Hogwarts for something Voldemort did. Hagrid, the man who saved Harry not once, but twice – from Voldemort as a baby and from the Dursleys as a child. Hagrid, whose hut was always open not just to Harry, but to Hermione and Ron too. If anybody deserved to be remembered in such a profound way, it was Rubeus Hagrid – not Severus.

final thoughts

There you have it, my top five characters I just don’t get. Are any of mine also on your list? Let me know in the comments below!



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