New York Comic Con 2015

This past Saturday, I was able to attend this year’s New York Comic Con. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was trying to use the “Manual” option on my camera but couldn’t get the lighting right. Here are some of the photos I was able to get.


Cosplay of Thrall from World of Warcraft. This kid’s costume was awesome!


Funko Hulkbuster!


I honestly have no idea what this is, but it looked cool, and that’s what really matters.


This was part of the Warcraft exhibition at NYCC.

I didn’t pick up any comics or prints wile we were there. I was going to pick up a copy of Lumberjanes but they only had Volume 2 and I didn’t want to buy it before reading Volume 1. I was able to meet Ted Naifeh, the creator and artist of one of my favorite comics, Princess Ugg. It was nice being able to chat with him, and I was actually pretty excited to see him there, considering Princess Ugg isn’t very well known (yet!).

I did find the “Bookish” section of Comic Con, of course. From what I can remember, there were booths from Tor Publishing, Crown Publishing, HarperCollins,  and Del Rey. I’m going to post captions under some  of the “flair” I got, so I don’t clog the post.


Book samplers from Del Rey. The Hammer and the Blade is a full free book.


I bought Among Others and Article 5, and received everything else (including the Card book) as a gift. The little blue thing on the right is a pair of headphones. Can’t have too many pairs of those!


This I received as a gift for buying the not-yet-released paperback version of Krampus the Yule Lord by Brom, and will be a gift to the lovely Alyssa at


I loved Brom’s book The Child Thief, so when I saw Krampus, I couldn’t not buy it! I am so excited to read this before the movie comes out.


I was ecstatic to be able to see one of my friends from my hometown, Shelby, who runs one of my favorite stores, Show Pony. These are the two bracelets I picked up, and I have a good amount of her items on my wishlist.


OKAY SO ABOUT THIS BOOK. I absolutely love Peter Clines. His series Ex-Heroes is one of my favorites. His characters are all so different and so realistic that I sometimes forget it’s completely fictional. While we were leaving Comic Con yesterday, we saw that the Crown Publishing table had Ex-Heroes on it and stopped to take a look. We were talking to the two people running the booth who let us know that Peter Clines was actually there and had just walked away for a moment, but would be back within half an hour. We had a train to catch, though, and couldn’t stay. It was around this time that I saw they had this book. I was getting my wallet out when one of the people running the table said, “Actually, we aren’t selling any of the books today,” (which received a sad face from me), “but since you’re a fan, you can have it.” I don’t think I even said anything for a good moment there. I was just trying to process what was being said.
“No way, really?!”
“Yeah just, ya know, spread the word about the books!” I have to give a massive shoutout to those people. I’m currently reading All the Light We Cannot See for a bookclub, but The Fold is going to be my next book.


Here are two more cards for stores I saw at Comic Con, but wasn’t able to pick up any of their items. Literary Alterations and Snappy Ties. Both are geared towards bookish folk and those with nerd tendencies.

I don’t have a flyer or anything for her, so I stole a picture from her facebook. This here is Victoria Gedvillas, who is an amazing artist. She was handing out little flyers and it wasn’t until I walked away that I read it. I’m a big fan of people who share my name, so I would have probably hugged her (and bought a print!). Plus, she had a cute little picture of Wonder Woman on the back. So please, if you can, go support this wonderful artist!


There you have it folks. My post from Comic Con. Were you there? Did I miss you? I’m sorry *sad face* To be fair, I missed a lot of people yesterday. Comment below with your thoughts!



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