Top Ten Books That Would Be On Your Syllabus If You Taught World Building 101

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke & The Bookish, is all about what books you’d use if you taught a class. I decided to go with World Building 101. Some of the books in my list do take place in our world, but in the future or past or somewhere not quite modern. There’s no significance to the way they’re listed.

10. Game of Thrones


9. The Hunger Games


8. The Walking Dead


7. Fahrenheit 451


6. The Lord of the Rings


5. The Night Circus


4. Princess Ugg


3. Uglies Series


2. Gemma Doyle Series


  1. Throne of Glass Series


What books would you use for your class? Which class would you teach? Are there any books you think would be better to use for a World Building class? Let me know in the comments!



13 thoughts on “Top Ten Books That Would Be On Your Syllabus If You Taught World Building 101

    • Thanks! I wish schools would integrate a lot of these even as like small portions of a class. For instance, if you took a Creative Writing class, one part of the curriculum would be “World Building” and another would be “Character Building” or something. I’m

  1. This is a great list! World-building is something that’s so important, and can really ruin a book if not done properly. We’re always discussing that in my book club. I’ve read about 7 of the 10 on your list and completely agree with you – they’ve all done a terrific job building the world the novel(s) takes place in.

    • Agree 100%. If the world is completely unbelievable or too intense, it ruins the book for me. My husband loves reading the World of Warcraft novels, but it’s so intense all at once that I just can’t do it. Where Tolkien and Martin kind of ease you in to their worlds, these writers just toss you in with characters who have eight names and lands so detailed that you have to memorize the map to know what they’re talking about lol.

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