Top Ten Tuesday| Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, brought to you by our lovely people at The Broke & the Bookish, is all about the top 10 authors I’ve read the most books from. I’ve tried to list the authors I either have read the most from or plan on reading the most from (because I love their work and just want to read all of it). There is no real order here either! On to the top 10!

10. J.K. Rowling

harry potter

As a child of the ’90s, I loved Harry Potter as a kid. I read the 734-page Goblet of Fire when I was in the fourth grade in about a week. I was so proud of myself for that. I’ve been toying with the idea of reading some of Rowling’s “adult” books, but I’m not a huge fan of mysteries in general.

9. George R. R. Martin


I love fantasy. Love it. How could I not love Martin’s whole A Song of Ice and Fire series? Of course, I do find some books harder to read than others, and I admit that I will skip some chapters. I can’t wait to finish the series though. Dany all the way!

8. Gillian Flynn


I’ve only read Sharp Objects and Gone Girl, but I own Dark Places. I’m reading one book before I start it but I want to read it before I see the movie. I had heard such good reviews about Gone Girl but didn’t really think it’d be as good as it was. Flynn writes each character so well that I constantly have conflicting emotions while I read.

7. Joe Hill


I am a huge fan of Joe Hill. I found out about him because of Nos4a2. When I realized what it said (Nosferatu, for anyone having a hard time), I felt like I needed to read this book. The title alone was genius. I think I finished it in three days. Heart-Shaped Box is my favorite horror novel, and probably my favorite Hill novel. It’s the only book to really scare me.

6. Sarah J. Maas

I am always more than a little hesitant when it comes to YA fiction. I’ve been let down before and just hate not being able to finish a book. When Throne of Glass was suggested to me, I decided to give it a shot. A story about a female assassin? It can’t be that bad, right? SO RIGHT. I read The Assassin’s Blade after the first three, so I can say without a doubt that Maas is the one author who I’ve read the most from (if you count all the novelas that go into TAB).

5. Kristina McMorris

McMorris is my favorite WWII author. I really just can’t read enough of her work. These are some of the books that have made me teared up as an adult which, frankly, rarely happens. Her stories are heart wrenching and the characters are so easy to fall in love with.

4. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
PicMonkey Collage

These I read as a teenager. The picture doesn’t include In the Forest of the Night or Demon in my View, two books I loved as a kid. Hawksong, though, was my ultimate. I loved the idea of two completely different cultures coming together to end a centuries-long war, and I really loved the two main characters.

3. Peter Clines


As a fan of both superheroes and zombies, it doesn’t get much better than Peter Clines’ Ex-Heroes series. Clines has created a world filled with wonderful characters that I can’t get enough of. Stealth, a supermodel-turned-assassin, is like Batman + Wonder Woman, but with a much more relatable past (as a woman, at least). I really hope Clines writes another Ex-Heroes book, and soon!

2. Jodi Picoult

My husband thinks Jodi is my favorite author. While I do enjoy her books a lot, they can be a little too emotional for me. I like emotional stories, but there is always a deep pain in Picoult’s books. I don’t think I’ve ever read two Picoult books one right after the other because I just can’t take the emotional roller coaster they put me on. I usually need a good fluffer in the middle.

  1. Sarah Addison Allen

When it comes to “Magical Realism,” Sarah is your girl. Each book as a hint of magic in it, just enough to make you believe that it could be possible. Her books often remind me of the movie Practical Magic in that it’s set in our world, focusing on people who happen to have a little magic in their life. Allen writes beautifully, and I am often transported to this world she has created, wanting nothing more than to be able to experience these subtle magics at work.

So those are my top 10! Do any of them match any of yours? Do you plan on picking up any of the ones I have here? Let me know in the comments!



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